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"The Irish Quilt" Wall Quilt: Display it on the wall, lay it over the sofa, 
drape it over the end of your baby's crib, 
and you'll bring the green fields of Ireland into your home.

The quilts are 33" x 44" and cost $195

The Irish Quilt is an elegant "whole cloth" quilt, reproduced from an original oil painting by Barrie Maguire, textile-printed on cotton-sateen, then individually -- and lovingly-- quilted one quilt at a time. The quilts utilize a low-loft batting to better show off the stitching in which the woods and hedgerows lining each field are intricately quilted.  No two quilts are stitched exactly alike.  

The Irish Quilts are produced in the USA by a Pennsylvania quilter using a long-arm sewing machine.  

Your quilt will fade if washed, so dry clean only.

Irish Quilts are approx. 33" x 44"

Quantities are limited!  

These quilts are made one-at-a-time and that takes time!  Delivery by St. Paddy's Day guaranteed for all orders accepted by March 11.

The Irish Quilt costs $195 (plus $25 for shipping)

Satisfaction guaranteed... if you are disappointed with your Irish Quilt for any reason you can send it back for a full refund.

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There are stories in your quilt: cottages and ruins, a stone circle, a fox. 
Sheep graze in the fields, and swans drift at the mouth of the creek. A farmer and his sheepdog drive the flock down a narrow road to a new pasture.

A red-roofed cottage and tiny barn...turf smoke drifts from the chimney...

A thatched cottage, turf 
stacked for the fire. 
Sheep graze nearby, and a 
bicycle leans against the wall.

A medieval ruin
complete with blackbirds
and headstones

A flock of sheep move 
down the road past the field 
that holds a stone circle

The woods and hedgerows are intricately quilted


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