Barrie Maguire Paintings & Prints of Ireland


Here are a few of my favorite Irish websites...
A unique and open platform for new original visual art of and about Ireland.  
It lists gallery openings around Ireland, and the work of dozens of Irish artists.


Irish Culture Logo

Irish Culture and Customs
Wonderful site with a variety of interesting things to read from Irish News to Recipes to Poetry.


Smaointe Gaelic Greeting Cards
- Handsomely designed greeting cards
with text in the Irish language, produced in Donegal.


"Mysterious World Ireland" You've never seen a book like this, and the website is as unusual as the book!  This great little (if you can call 770 pages little) book is not just a terrific travel guide, but it's also crammed with the history and magic of Ireland. Some of my paintings can be found in the book.


Spirited Ireland
A labor of love from a German photographer who traveled to Ireland 
and lost her heart.  Breathtaking photography, jigs and reels, maps, and much more.


Their Irish Book Club is a wonderful way to receive books on Ireland
four times a year, fiction and non-fiction, hand selected for you by Des Kenny.


Kenny Gallery, Galway
Kenny Art Gallery, Galway -- Best Art Gallery in the West



Irish CornerFree Irish-themed e-cards

Otis Thomas's violins
OTIS TOMAS, the subject of my "Unfinished Violin" painting, has an elegant website
filled with gorgeous photography of his tools and studio. He explaines
how he designs and builds his violins.

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Paintings of Ireland:  James JoyceW.B. Yeats,  Oscar WildeJohn B. Keane, Samuel Beckett,  Bodhran PlayerAran Island Cottage,  Dunworley StrandGrafton Street MusiciansBurren Sketches,  Connemara landscapesLimerick landscape,  Achill RamSheepIrish CemeteryIrish Quilts,  Prints of Ireland