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Not-so-Irish Paintings

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Echo Lake Paintings


NEW - Spring Fever


Be Still

Yankee Winter

Blue Moon


king of monaghan

Croppie  Lester's Boy


celtic roundup sheep sheepdogs ireland

Echo Lake Lilypads


morning nap

Blue Loon  Lester's Boy


Lester's Boy  Lester's Boy

Be Still

NEW - The Whitmarsh Barn


Be Still

Stay Awhile


Winter Shoes



Echo Lake Lily  Lester's Boy


Inishowen Mare Paintings of Ireland

Yellow Lily


big brown paintings of ireland hrose fair

John Buck  Lester's Boy


Rural Rust


Berks Coupe



Culdaff Pier Paintings of Ireland
Town of Pitcher  Lester's Boy


John B's Tractor


Portraits and Potpouri

banjojimmy.jpg (44989 bytes)   
Banjo Jimmy   reddot.gif (297 bytes)         Laundry Day 

Maya Grace Liston

Maya Grace at Three  Caitlin at 17 


Kellie at 14 


cindy.jpg (20571 bytes) barrie.jpg (16344 bytes) sterling.jpg (43388 bytes) Judy Tecosky at 70 Portraits by Barrie Maguire
Cindy  Patrick Barrie 


Bonnie's Onion


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