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Dolly Diehl Maguire

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A 1933 "sketch" of her sister, Babette

  Edith "Dolly" Diehl was born August 3, 1914.  Both her parents were artistic (examples).  She received a scholarship to attend Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art) and graduated in 1936.   She spent many summers with friends in New Hope, Pa. where she interacted with many of the well-known New Hope School of painters.  She was an accomplished portrait painter and excelled in the decorative arts.  A wonderful writer as well (examples), she produced arts and crafts into her seventies.  Because she never felt her paintings were "finished" she rarely signed them. 

     Three of her five children are producing artists, as are at least eight of her grandchildren.   She lived on Mountain Mary Road in Berks County, Pennsylvania, from 1976 until her death on Feb. 11, 2004.


Five recently discovered paintings.     (click on them to view larger)

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Bonniepainting.jpg (32012 bytes)BonnieOvalbabypainting.jpg (33382 bytes)
Three portraits of Bonnie  (click on them to view larger)

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Four paintings from Art school     (click on them to view larger)

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Painted trays    (click on them to view larger)

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Three flower paintings, on the far left a rare signed painting

Two watercolors (she never considered herself a good watercolorist)

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Two pencil sketches, a man on the subway and
her sister Babette reclinig on the running board of a friend's car.


From her diary, Aug. 21, 1928, when she was 14 years old: 

"Oh, how I love drawing!  It just gives vent to all the romance and emotion inside of the soul to take a clean paper and a pencil and draw first a line, then another and another until it is a thought and then to put action and form and, oh, the best of all feeling -- such feeling!  With a smear of the finger or a slightly blackened line -- the joy that is the artist's when it is finished and may be tacked up on the wall or may be framed and titled. Oh, I thank God for giving me that pleasure and pray that someday I may make use of my little talent by creating something very, very beautiful."

Edith "Dolly" Diehl Maguire
1914 - 2004



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