The Maguire Gallery 

Edith Lueders "Mimi" Diehl

Edith Lueders Diehl, "Mimi" to her ten grandchildren, was born August 17, 1887, and was orphaned at the age of six when both her parents died of TB.  She was raised by her aunt, and because her aunt wouldn't buy her a paintbrush, as a child she painted by wrapping cotton around a stick. 

Reproduced below are two of the many painted trays she produced.  She died in 1960, at her farm house in Berks County, PA. the first of three generations of artists named Edith to live out her life at "Mimi's Farm."

Mimi with her oldest child, Harrison


Watercolor still life



Mimi's husband, Frank "Duke" Diehl, was an artist as well. You can see a selection of his art here.




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