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Frank "Duke" Diehl

April 19, 1892 to August 21, 1944

His story:

Life was not kind to Duke Diehl.

Born in 1892, he was an artistic child who drew and drew and practiced and drew some more, using old accounting ledgers and notebooks for sketch books, drawing and pasting over lists of business expenditures or class notes, copying illustrations from popular magazines, painting glamourous little watercolor vignettes on scraps of cardboard, front and back.

In 1912 he married Edith Lueders, from a well-to-do family and ... (read more)



Duke's Girls

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A few pages from Duke's scrapbook


A few historical artifacts

1904 postcard with an etching of Goethe by a Lüders,
the card sent by a German cousin Lüders to Edith Lüders, Duke's future mother-in-law,
in "Philadelphia, USAmerica,"

The text reads: "Dear Edith, A card by Lüders to Lüders from Lüders."


Souvenir of The Great War brought home from France dated 1824.
A money order or receipt?... (French anyone?)


Another souvenir (?) from WWI, a Reims, France, a banque draft? cheque? dated 19 April, 1868.

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